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ArchMs Is Re-Opened?! Why? How do I get on?! O:

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ArchMs Is Re-Opened?! Why? How do I get on?! O: Empty ArchMs Is Re-Opened?! Why? How do I get on?! O:

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:45 pm

Welcome to ArchMapleStory V83 Forums.

ArchMapleStory recently has upgraded from V75 to V83. Due to the recent changes -- The staff members have decided to create a new Forum ^_^. In addition, the [Owner] is developing the main website and this forum will be served temporarily as the Guides/Downloading - Chatting , Forum, of course for the time being.

ArchMS is not quite ready for game play but will dispatch the official ArchMs Client and the Game Download due to this exciting event that will be occurring tommorrrroww!! And By the way, Welcome back to ArchMs'S 3rd Re-Opening cheers

confused Event Is about to start! Huh? What? What event?

Christmas OF COURSE! . Soooo.....Get ready, Create your account and Play ArchMS before the godly events take place in the FM and other mutiple maps! ~ Our main website is now available. If you would like to registrar, go to: ArchMSMain.TK

-- Main Website is still in development but is stable enough for all day to day functions santa --

What is Auto-Registrar?! I don't get what it is!

When you launch the game, you will be prompted to the normal Maplestory Login screen. Auto Register lets you put in your desired/wanted username and password, After typing your personal crap, you just hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard and the username and password will be encrypted into our secured server, from that point you can use that username and password from now on!
Note: We only allow MAX~ *4 Auto Reg accounts per Ip.

When you create your account whether it is created through the main website or through auto-reg, Please write down the day you created your account + your time zone.

Sad FAQ (Having Problems with the Auto-Registrar)

afro When I put in the username and password I want, It comes up with invalid username or password!?

That indicates that the username for the account has been taken, and the password you are attempting to use is not valid. Simply, Use another username .

[This only affects people that have created an account]

You typed in your pass-code incorrectly, Try again . If the password does not work, what-so ever, please contact a ArchMS Staff, Through Email or Through a PERSONAL message to them. (The only possible way that your account can be redeemed is if you created it through the official website --> FYI: The main website has not been made yet so, its impossible. * When the official website is created, You will be required to provide the following things: Email, Username, Birthyear-Birthday Info and the date the account was created + ALL Character Names in the account) (If this is an auto-reg account, you must list all characters in the account, The username used to log into the account, The date it was created)

Suspect Oh God.. It says that the account is not a registered ID/Account.


1. Either the [Owner] has disabled the Auto-Function Reg for the server, thus disabling you from creating your account. If this was not intentional for any of the staff, please post a forum or discuss this in the chat box.
2. [Only Applies to when the official website is launched] The Id hasn't been registered ^_^ Create it on the main website. If you just created it and It does not work, that means that you typed in the username wrong!

Shocked The Server is under inspection/check?!

1. Let me point out the obvious, The server is under inspection/check. This means that staff/owner has activated it in order to run tests on bugs, npcs and etc. to improve the server. It is only temporary, no reason to freak out.
2.Your connection/Firewall is disabling it! Find a Forum for this on our website/ talk to staff members in the chat box for support. If this is a matter of your connection, Try exiting and re-entering the game. (If you know that this is not the case then clarify in the chatbox on the homepage or ^^^^^^^ its under check/inspection!

Twisted Evil Events for this Christmas

--Please wait patiently until the staff has decided the Scheduled events --

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