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Post  Admin on Sun Oct 30, 2011 11:00 pm

Hello, Welcome to the GM Application Forum Section for ArchMS

--GM Application--

||| GM APPLICATION FORMAT ||| 007p8-10

Please Check to See if GM Positions are still available

GM Position Status: Available

Because ArchMS V75 Was Recently upgraded to V83 and the server is RE-Opening, We are willing to allow a few more staff members into the community. This is very rare in account for the [Owner]/[Admin] To allow more staff but the more GM's/Staff, the more better -> regulation enforcement and balance
added to the game. Cool

Please Shoot a PM to Admin's Account or Post a Forum in the GM Section- your GM Application.
Everything that has a * next to it is required in the GM Application Request Form.

In the GM Application and to be Approved, you must have the following things and abide to the following


- Atleast play this server for 1 week before making a app
- Dont advertise/Spam your GM Application to Staff Members, Players of ArchMapleStory
- Dont make a GM Application if you are already an existing GM in another server
- When you suddenly go inactive for a reason post the reason on ur GM app
- Dont copy other peoples app, just make your own
- Make sure you use the EXACT ArchMS GM Application Form Format.
- Your grammar must be readable
- Dont ask/beg for a GM spot
- Be active in game

Failing to follow the rules will result in a declined application (regardless of how hard you worked on it) or/and a ban.

To Start your GM Application Add the following Information and then continue the format:

Name :

Age :

Time Zone :

Email :


*-Why you want to be a GM

*-What you will do as a GM

*-How you can help the server as a GM

*-How long you have played ArchMS. (Have you played it before in the old versions, etc.)

*How long are you able to play each day?

*Example of a Schedule: (This is from a old GM Application Submitted to ArchMS)
Monday : Around 6 O Clock I feel really tired or I need to focus/work on my studies
Tuesday : I can get on around 4-7 PM, Then I need to go to Martial Arts
Wednesday : I need to visit my grandparents --I will not be available to get on this week day--
Thursday : I can get on after I am done with my Homework, I will be available for most/the rest of the day that is around 3:30 PM?
Friday : After 4 P.M. to 7 P.M.
Then, I have piano lesson. After That I can chill and stuff and do my things for the server
Sunday : I have church every Sunday (This Week Day). After that, I need to do my choirs. I can most likely get on around 5 PM?

-How long you have played GMS or Have you ever played it?

*-What makes you stand out

*-What commands you will mainly use as a gm? Do you have any clue of what commands are? Please be honest Smile It will certainly inform us about your novice training if you become a ArchMS Staff Member.

Informative: Your chances vs another person that has GM EXP will still be equivalent. No joke. One GM (Dudeizme) was trained by the owner and is now one of the best experienced Gm's Standing out in our community.
Haha Sorry lolz, Off topic there X_X

*What is your Experience as a GM (If you have no experience, Then Please provide a detailed and well constructed paragraph providing: What you look forward to learning being a GM, What do you think GM's can do. and do you think GM's should be treated differently compared to normal players.)

*-Have you ever hacked. We currently have 2 GM's that use to hack but still was accepted and used what they knew about hacking to help and protect the server. Our Staff Members I love you you, If your Honest. (Seriously.. I value that like a fat person and its food and staff members are more like: Every man for himself!)

*IF you become a GM will you be active alot? Are you even active a lot as a normal player?

*On Average, How long do you play on ArchMS a week + day?

*What do you think you can do to make the server better? Have any suggestions now?

- (Not Required)
Do you have any other experiences other than being a GM? -- Make sure that it can actually be beneficial to the server--
Exmaples are: Website Editing (List Applications you use), Logo Creation, Server/Development Knowledge, Etc.) cheers

*Will you quit this server if your GM Application is declined??

The Staff and I, Wish you the best luck on being Approved and Joining our ranks Smile

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