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Kathy's GM app :) Empty Kathy's GM app :)

Post  KathyBieber on Mon Nov 21, 2011 9:11 pm

Name :
A: My full name is Kathy Loan Nguyen

Age :
A: I am currently 11.

Time Zone :
A: My timezone is Central Time Zone

Email :
A: k a t h y e a g e l 1 2 3 @ y a h o o . c o m (take out the spaces)

A: My IGN will be KathyBieber.

*-Why you want to be a GM
A: Many people will need guidance to enjoy the game, therefore I want to do my gm duties and help those people who are confused or puzzled about the server. I also want to be a gm to keep an eye on scammers and hackers such as ones that dupe items. I also want to prevent cyber bullying as a person, I believe cyber bullying is a cruel way to feel superior to others and needs to be stopped before someone gets hurt.

*-What you will do as a GM
A: I will only host events when there are many players online to make the server seem much more exciting. I will help newbies understand how to play and teach them the rules. I will only jail people if necessary such as spamming, bullying, or fighting.(basically anything that disrupts the server from being fun and calm). As a gm I will fufill my duties to protect the server.I will make sure to get new people to join, to experience an awesome private server!

*-How you can help the server as a GM
A: Like I said I can occupy people with events.I can help the server by observing and interacting with people in the server to make sure everything is A-ok! I can help other GM's that are new to this with directions on how to use the commands and when to use them .I can also make banners from banned-story.

*-How long you have played ArchMS. (Have you played it before in the old versions, etc.)
A: I was probably one of the first players on the v.75 version. So around maybe 2 weeks on that server.

*How long are you able to play each day?
Monday- I am Free for maybe around 3pm-6pm
Tuesday- I would be on anywhere from 6pm-9 pm
Thursday- I will be on from 3pm-7pm
Friday- I will be on all day from 3pm-9pm
Saturday- I will be on 11am-7pm
Sunday- I will be on 2pm-9pm
*-How long you have played GMS or Have you ever played it?
A: I played for maybe 6 months before moving onto private servers.

*-What makes you stand out
A: I Love Unicorns XD, kawaii things, and i always make a scene when I go somewhere. Smile

*-What commands you will mainly use as a gm? Do you have any clue of what commands are? Please be honest It will certainly inform us about your novice training if you become a ArchMS Staff Member.
A: I would use @online the most because i would like to check if anyone is new, or some one i know might be on,or how many people are on so i can host an event.

*What is your Experience as a GM (If you have no experience, Then Please provide a detailed and well constructed paragraph providing: What you look forward to learning being a GM, What do you think GM's can do. and do you think GM's should be treated differently compared to normal players.)
A: I have sadly have no experience in being a GM.
A:I look forward to meeting new players,making people have more fun in this server,and to STOP the cyber bullying. I think GM's can host events, have the power to jail people, and having the power to help the server out. I think a GM should not be treated differently. Why? Because i think a GM is not more special or any different. We're all humans.

*-Have you ever hacked?
A: I never hacked. Why? because i think hacking is a violation.

*IF you become a GM will you be active alot? Are you even active a lot as a normal player?
A: I am already on as much as i can be, so no my time would not change.

*On Average, How long do you play on ArchMS a week + day?
A: I would be on around 29 hours a week, and anywhere from 3-6 hours a day.

*What do you think you can do to make the server better? Have any suggestions now?
A: I can keep people occupied and give this server a good reputation for being an active and a safe server.



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