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Lihnny Application ;D <3 >:D

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Lihnny Application ;D <3 >:D Empty Lihnny Application ;D <3 >:D

Post  Rawr on Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:16 pm

Name :Lihnny .

Age :13 .

Time Zone : Pacific Time Zone .

Email :LihnnySawr

IGN :-Why you want to be a GM
I would like to be a gm because I want to help the server with my best ability.Some ways are I can always advertise because I'll ALWAYS have some free time helping Palangian .Some more ways are that I can always entertain,keep players busy,helping new players with my best ability to do so because I want this server to have a really high rate.Also If I really get used to being a gm,I can always lend a help to other gm's who needs help.Plus I really really really think that this server is like a family to me because people are so nice and friendly and I would like to return the favor by hosting lots of events but I'm not going to host events every minute of the day because i need to do my homework,try to make videos,banners,ect for the server because i really enjoy playing this awshum server .
*-What you will do as a GM
I will keep players entertained by hosting events.I will also keep an eye on hackers/scammers . I can invite people to join, and i will guide new players around.
*-How you can help the server as a GM
I Would make banners,videos,posters,ect.I can also help this server by inviting my friends and asking them to invite their friends.I can also Hosts lots of back to back events but not always because I will need to do my homework or again trying to improve this server's success and vote rate.Also,I can lend some help to new gm's if they are confused.Also I would like to keep an eye out for hackers.
*-How long you have played ArchMS. (Have you played it before in the old versions, etc.)
i have played the old version for about 1 month or so (:
*How long are you able to play each day?
Monday : Around 5 O clock I need to do my hw first and eat .
Tuesday : Around 4 O clock cause i will probably have less hw and probably not gonna eat till later
Wednesday : I will probably go on at around 6 O clock cause I will be tired and napping for a little bit .
Thursday : Thursday i would probably be on when i get home from school which is at 3:45
Friday : Im gonna go to my grandpa's house but i can bing my laptop with me (: .and about 7:00- 7 : 45 and then im gonna come back and play (:
Saturday : Im going to my grandpa's house again on Saturday but i'll bring my laptop to play (: again 7:00-7:45 .
Sunday : Again im going to be at my grandpa's house but i'll bring my laptop to play (: again about 7:00-7:45
-How long you have played GMS or Have you ever played it?
I have played gms for about 2 -3 months .
*-What makes you stand out
What makes me stand out is my personality because everyones personality cant be the same (:
*-What commands you will mainly use as a gm? Do you have any clue of what commands are?
No because i have never been a gm before but i'm hoping to be one (:
*What is your Experience as a GM (If you have no experience, Then Please provide a detailed and well constructed paragraph providing: What you look forward to learning being a GM, What do you think GM's can do. and do you think GM's should be treated differently compared to normal players.) I look forward to helping players because i have a feeling that i would always wanna help players (: .I can look forward to learning commands (: . I think Gm's can do a lot of things to better the server like they can host events,help the players out if they need to,and most importantly is FOLLOW THE RULES .Also I think gm's should slightly be treated better because they work so hard to keep players entertained but don't treat them better a lot because the players will think that's unfair to them .

*-Have you ever hacked. We currently have 2 GM's that use to hack but still was accepted and used what they knew about hacking to help and protect the server. Our Staff Members you, If your Honest. (Seriously.. I value that like a fat person and its food and staff members are more like: Every man for himself!)I have never hacked b4 but my brother has and i can ask him how to stop hacking .

*IF you become a GM will you be active alot? Are you even active a lot as a normal player?
I would because on the old version i was on everyday,all day .Yes i was in the old version .
*On Average, How long do you play on ArchMS a week + day?
Um i play about like 7 days a week .
*What do you think you can do to make the server better? Have any suggestions now?
I think you should like in every mob drop leaves and the leaves are for a event like a event that whoever gets the most gets a prize . I think that is all because the server is already better to me (: .
*Will you quit this server if your GM Application is declined??
No because I don't need to be a gm to be happy (: .Also I wouldn't because to me,it depens how much i like the server and I like the server (: .


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