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Trong's Filled in GM App.

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Trong's Filled in GM App.  Empty Trong's Filled in GM App.

Post  dudeitzme on Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:04 pm

Name : Trong

Age : 11

Time Zone : Central time zone ( -6:00 )

Email :

IGN : Trong

*-Why you want to be a GM : To help the server in many ways.

*-What you will do as a GM : Host events, help other players, and come up with more ideas if needed in the server.

*-How you can help the server as a GM : If there are any hackers, spammers, etc. i will take care of them if needed to.

*-How long you have played ArchMS. (Have you played it before in the old versions, etc.) : Yes, i have played since the 2nd re-opening (v75)

*How long are you able to play each day? : Usually up to 2-6 hours. Sometimes 4-8 hours.

*Example of a Schedule: (This is from a old GM Application Submitted to ArchMS) :
Monday : I can sometimes get on at like maybe 8 P.M. or 9 P.M. (Central time zone.)
Tuesday : Same^^^
Wednesday : Same^^^
Thursday : I have allergy doctor shots, then martial arts. I get on sometimes at 9:00 (Central time zone.) .
Friday : I have tennis practice then i get on at around 10:00 (Central time zone).
Sunday : I have Vietnamese school, then martial arts ( 9:00-3:30 A.M. Central time zone), But after that i can play most of the rest of the day.
Saturday : Im free the whole day Very Happy.

-How long you have played GMS or Have you ever played it? : Around 2-5 months.

*-What makes you stand out : I'm random sometimes, i'm usually cheerful, and i'm kind of funny and kind of not. Smile

*-What commands you will mainly use as a gm? Do you have any clue of what commands are? Please be honest Smile It will certainly inform us about your novice training if you become a ArchMS Staff Member. : To go to places, spawn monsters, and host events. I have lot's of a clue of what commands are!

*What is your Experience as a GM (If you have no experience, Then Please provide a detailed and well constructed paragraph providing: What you look forward to learning being a GM, What do you think GM's can do. and do you think GM's should be treated differently compared to normal players.) The codes for commands and everything. It's not supposed to be for fun, it's also very serious!

*-Have you ever hacked. We currently have 2 GM's that use to hack but still was accepted and used what they knew about hacking to help and protect the server. Our Staff Members I love you you, If your Honest. (Seriously.. I value that like a fat person and its food and staff members are more like: Every man for himself!) Yes, but it was at least 1 or 2 years ago. I'm not proud of myself of that past.

*IF you become a GM will you be active alot? Are you even active a lot as a normal player? : I'll try my hardest to be VERY active !

*On Average, How long do you play on ArchMS a week + day? : 2-5 days

*What do you think you can do to make the server better? Have any suggestions now? : Nope, this server is better than, BEST!

- (Not Required)
Do you have any other experiences other than being a GM? -- Make sure that it can actually be beneficial to the server--
Exmaples are: Website Editing (List Applications you use), Logo Creation, Server/Development Knowledge, Etc.) : The banner thingy kind of, but i can't make animated one's.

*Will you quit this server if your GM Application is declined?? : Never!, this is the server i want to stay in! Very Happy


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